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If you have a question or comment regarding our site and/or services, or would like to submit a game, please use the following form to contact us.

Game Submission Guidelines

Hello there! ChixR.Us is always looking for new and exciting games, so please feel free to send us yours! But before you do, we have a few guidelines we ask you to keep in mind.

  • We are a girls' game website, please send us games that are for a female audience. Also, please keep in mind that our audience's target age is around pre-teens to older teens.
  • We shouldn't have to say it, but no violence or nudity!
  • We will NOT accept games with any ads in them.
  • We will NOT accept games if they are poorly designed/illustrated. We look for games that are easy to navigate and understand, and we love games that are graphically beautiful!
  • Please include a title, a description, and swf. file in your submission. (Make sure you proof read your descriptions and look for typos so we don't have to!)

We would also ask that if you are not a partner, and are a webmaster of your own games website who is submitting a game to us, please post a few of our games on your site as well. Please understand that posting our games on your website does not guarantee that we will post yours on ChixR.Us if they do not meet the standards above.

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